Sales & Client Engagement

At Qualitators, we understand that in the world of cutting-edge technology, the customer is a partner in progress and not just a transaction. This philosophy is at the heart of our sales and client engagement offering: we prioritize client centricity and customer intimacy in every service we offer. Our services are tailored to ensure that every interaction you have with your clients is meaningful, leading to a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

Lead generation

We specialize in identifying high-quality leads that need your unique offerings and have the potential for a long-term relationship. We focus on quality over quantity as we only target leads with a strong prospect of turning into high lifetime value clients.

Customer interaction analysis

We monitor interactions between your teams and clients to discover areas for improvement for your sales and customer success teams. We use data-driven tools to provide highly personalized, evidence-based insights, complemented with step-by-step, measurable progress.

Client retention and upselling

We help you nurture and grow existing client relationships through a heavy focus on  customer intimacy. We help you set up the tools and processes to capture the data necessary for exceptional proactivity and a deep understanding of your customers’ needs.

Customer Success Training

We offer tailored training programs for your client-facing teams. These services are designed to equip your team with skills and tools to improve client engagement and satisfaction.

Sales and Customer Success Hiring

After building a thorough understanding of your product and strong relationships with your customers, our executors soon become a vital part of your team. We offer the unique opportunity to permanently hire from our workforce directly, allowing you to expand your internal team risk-free, with confidence in their expertise and alignment with your business.

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