Funding Services

Successful innovation hinges on solid financial support. Qualitators offers comprehensive funding services designed for tech company founders and leaders. Our approach is straightforward and thorough, acknowledging that securing funding is about more than a short-term financial boost – it’s about achieving your roadmap and growing your business with a valuable partner.

Cash grants

Grants are the perfect non-dilutive source of funding for ambitious, innovative organisations. We help you secure the right grants for your projects.

Customer funding

Customer funding allows you to continue building your client-centric products without the distractions of raising capital. Our unique services help you get funded through your customers.

Funding mix

Your company’s finances can be strengthened through a variety of funding sources. We help you close your funding gap through a balanced funding mix.

Our Unique Approach

Customer intimacy is our most important key value. We strive to be your partner throughout our collaboration – and beyond – to make sure your ambitions get fully funded.

Intake: We start by immersing ourselves into your company goals and ambitions. This allows us to get a solid 360° understanding of your funding needs and serve as your funding partner.

Roadmap: We identify current & future funding opportunities and determine a tailored approach with clear milestones to pursue each of these opportunities.

Funding application: We take full ownership of the necessary application steps until the funding is secured. This includes scoping your project, developing the right messaging, elaborating the funding file, building the business case & financial plan, defending the funding case and assisting with funding negotiations. Our goal is to maximally unburden you throughout this process while meeting your personal style and desired level of involvement.

Funding management: As your funding partner, we stay with you even after the funding is secured. We apply our deep knowledge of your company and projects to actively support your relation with and obligations to the funding provider.